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KYMCO or Kwang Yang Motor Co, Ltd (Chinese: 光陽工業; pinyin: Guāng Yáng Gōng Yè), is a Taiwanese company that manufactures motor scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs for worldwide distribution. KYMCO’s headquarters and factory are located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, with about 3000 employees, and producing more than 570,000 vehicles per year. The company has production facilities in Jakarta, Petaling Jaya, Shanghai, Changsha and Chengdu.


The company was founded in 1963 after splitting from Honda. KYMCO originally made parts for Honda. The company built its first complete scooter in 1970 and began marketing under the “KYMCO” brand name in 1992.


Source: Wikipedia

Kymco Logo - Kymco Emblem - Kymco Symbol
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Kymco Logo - Kymco Emblem - Kymco Symbol
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